Recent Work

I work with entrepreneurs who are up-leveling their business through rebranding. Then I redesign their existing websites to bring the brand to life. I also work with start ups building products that help the world in some way. With both of these types of projects, I consider the longer term strategy for the business as well as educate business owners on UX, psychology, and design along the way.

Branding and Site Design

I collaborate with business owners to create brands that are modern, professional, and unique. We start with mood boards and end with full customized websites. Here’s my most recent site redesign.

Web & Mobile App

There were lots of moving pieces that I worked when I designed this wellness app. I’ve laid out the process of one of the many projects I worked on. It includes research, sketching, wireframes, and UI.

Process with start ups

Here’s my process that I use with organizations. It starts with interviewing all stakeholders, creating a custom workshop, and then putting together a strategy. We go slow first to go fast later.

I currently take on one client at a time to deliver high quality websites. My schedule is booked until fall 2019. If you’d like to be considered for my next client, please email me at Thank you. 🙂