My services include product strategy consulting, building innovative teams, work transformations and reorgs, UX research, design leadership, business strategy, alignment and design thinking workshops. For both smaller and larger organizations, I believe in an iterative process that has proven to help increase success thought learning and being adaptable to the market as it changes. I work with partners and contractors under my creative direction when needed, because quality is one of my core values.

Executive Alignment

Work more efficiently and collaboratively. Get your team on the same page. Save money by motivating your leadership team toward one common goal.

I take into account personality types such as introversion, so that all parties involved are heard, so that the best idea is formed. We’ll also discuss a communication plan to allow everyone in the company to understand where you are headed.

Building and maintaining innovation teams…

Hiring and Coaching

The best products get built by the best teams. I base my hiring practices around innovation and diversity of thought and skillsets. You need a well rounded team to succeed. I know how to build them.

I also offering ongoing coaching both for new design leaders, product managers, designers, and researchers to uplevel your team.

Organization and Service Design

Products mirror the teams that build them. The architecture in your data based can end up reflecting the way your organization is set up, so it’s important to be thoughtful about how you design your teams.

This mindfulness will do two things.

  1. You’ll have teams that work together effectively without wasted energy going down the drain.
  2. You’ll create a more positive experience for your customers when they interact with your products or organization.

Product Strategy and Business Insights

Customer Knowledge

Increase your sales by understanding your target audience motivations. Create loyal customers by making your product easy to use.  UX research-based product strategy encompasses a wide range of methodologies that can help your business.

I’ll start with first understanding your current business problems. Then I’ll come up with a research strategy to make sure we use our time efficiently. 

Prioritization and Roadmaps

No company, including yours, has unlimited time and budget to achieve it’s goals. One of the most important elements of product strategy is the prioritization of the problems you are solving.

If you choose the right combination for your customers, along with a good marketing strategy, you’ll have a winning product. If you build things in the wrong order, you’ll waste your time and energy creating something that’ll never take off. 


Bringing it all together…

Product Design

Make sure all of your touch points are designed with the end user in mind. Documentation such as user journeys, user flows, wireframes and user interface designs can help with feature prioritization which can save you time and money when it comes to launching your MVP or product.

I mostly work with a company’s in-house development team when helping redesign or launch a web app or mobile application. You’ll get business strategy, user insights, and final UI to bring your vision to life.


Change the way people talk about your company when you are not around. With good and effective branding, people can fall in love with your business and share it with their friends. Your business can stick out in their mind when they think about your product or industry.

This package starts with discussing your target audience, the personality of your brand, and where you want your company to be in the future. Then I’ll create a style guide for you to use across website, social media, and any printed materials. You’ll get a logo, color pallete, fonts, and examples of how to use your new brand. 

Small Semi-Custom Site

Your web presence affects the way customers feel about your company and how easily they can buy from you. Look professional to enhance your reputation and to your credibility.

This site is based off of a template, but we’ll rearrange the website areas and content to for your users needs. This service has a max of 3 pages and 5 sections per page. This package does not include a blog.

Custom Packages

Benefit from a custom package made specifically for your business needs. During a consultation, I’ll give you some quick wins that are unique to your business and help you get clear on your next steps to move forward.