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Business Scholarship Program

You deserve to have a well thought out business vision, strategy, and brand.

I’ve decided to start a tradition: A scholarship program.

Every year, I’d like to choose one lucky business owner to work with me for FREE.

What will you get?


  • You’ll go through my visioning process.
  • You’ll work through any personal blocks affecting your business.
  • You’ll receive research data to understand your customers.
  • We’ll put together a strategy and action plan.
  • We’ll brainstorm together, and play together.
  • You’ll also get a fresh look and feel if you need it.

Why am I doing this?


  • I like experimenting with new things.
  • It’ll help me check in with myself as my company evolves.
  • It’s a great way to give back to all the amazing business owners I get to talk to every week. I know so many of them have what it takes to get their business to the next level, and could enjoy a scholarship program like this.

Move your business forward with


Directions may change, but a ship needs to know where it’s sailing.

I help you gain clarity and focus around your business’ future. I do this through worksheets, one on one conversations, and workshops.

UX Research

You can’t build a solution without understanding the problem. Understanding customer motivations and needs is the key to good UX.

There are many research methods. I’ll pick the best one(s) suited for your business needs.


This is your unique map. It’s the plan of action for long term results. It includes a process you can re-use as your business grows and the market changes.

I create a customized strategy using research, business constraints, and your vision.


Design is much more than visuals. It’s how it works. It’s a strong foundation for your product.
I’ll make sure your product is easy to use. Then I’ll polish it. We’ll talk colors, images and typography.

A little about me

I help business leaders define their vision. I co-create strategies aligned with that vision. I help leaders implement the next steps for their business to succeed.
My background is in User Experience Design. In the past, I’ve worked at an award winning agency. I’ve taught UX Design full-time for an intensive adult bootcamp, and I’ve worked in-house as a Senior Product Designer in the start up world.



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I create live videos giving tips and ideas for business. I also send out quote cards as reminders to keep you on track and thinking in a user-centered way.

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Today is the day to believe in you. Today is the day to believe in your business. Today is the day to dream big and think into the future. Today is the day to innovate. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Everything starts today.

Redefine your vision
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