Tarryn Lambert’s Portfolio

Design without any empathy for the user is not User Experience (UX) Design. That’s called User Interface (UI) Design. If you are looking for the results that UX can bring to your business or nonprofit, you must have user research. If you are designing in a vacuum and not putting yourself into someone else’s shoes, you are trying to solve a problem with your hands tied behind your back. Let me help. I can untie you.

I’m currently redoing my portfolio,  so here is some quick links that will send you to my old portfolio. I wasn’t going to let perfectionism stop me, and neither should you. Use your iterations on your product/business for feedback. 😉

Process with UX Clients

I start with interviews and design workshops with stakeholders. After gathering all of that data, I create a solid UX Strategy as a foundation for each project I work on.

IA & Site Redesign

Information Architecture is the foundation in which we can build a website. Here I used card sorting to create a new structure that reduced calls to the Wine Commission.

Mobile Design

Here’s an end to end design process I completed for Retrofit, a wellness company in Chicago. Oh, and the redesign outcome: a 12% increase in the completion rate by users.

Are you trying to solve a problem but feel stuck? Would you like a seasoned professional to help you figure it out? I can take the project off your hands and teach your team. I’ll highlight and strategize along the way. I will narrow down decisions to the best options for your business or nonprofit. Everything I do ties back to your organization’s goals and the user’s need.

These two things HAVE TO be in unison at every touch point across your organization for a strong UX. If you don’t understand the people you are serving, you cannot succeed. You might for the short term, but you are leaving yourself open to competitors in the long run. I want to be part of helping you build a sustainable business. I want to teach your business processes that will last you a life time. I want your organization to be successful because it can adapt to change.

“Change is the only constant in life, so why not build processes into your organization that adapt?”

Research – My favorite type

I am passionate about research and strategy. UI is just a veneer, we can always reskin a well crafted project as the trends change, but long lasting architecture is part of my drive. Sometimes slowing down a little at the beginning can save us lots of time and money later. I believe it starts with getting on the same page with each stakeholder. Then getting on the same page of the people you are trying to serve. This requires a lot of listening. You can do this through many methods, but here’s my two cents on my favorite type (qualitative).


When you hire someone to work on your product, you are hiring more than a skill set. You are hiring a person. Along with that person, you are hiring a philosophy.

When you hire me, you hire someone who wants to deeply listen to find the pain points. It’s in my core. I want to highlight them, then remove them or fix them. I want to make your organization more efficient. I want to create a fluid journey from the very first interaction to the last moment. 

I want to help you clarify your vision. I want to be the catalyst that up-levels your team.