Website Audits

Retain more customers on your website, so all of your marketing efforts don’t go to waste. Lower your bounce rates and keep users engaged by focusing your efforts on the areas where your business is the weakest. 

Then you’ll be ahead of the competition because you can say, “Yes, I not only get people to my site, but I keep them there!”

If you’re curious about what type of information you’ll receive, check out the sample audit here. Your website audit will be personlized, so expect to get the information that’s most relevant to your business!

Good Marketing Funnels + User Retention = Successful Business

You have the marketing down, let me take care of the retention.

How it works

  1. Schedule a time for your website audit.
  2. We’ll go over goals and problems of your business.
  3. You’ll receive valuable information aligned with business goals to implement on your site for both long term and short term.

Q & A

What is UX?
UX stands for User Experience. It's based in emotion and relates to how a user feels after interacting with your business through each touch point. The methology uses research to understand users wants and needs. From there design hypothesis are tested and refined. Check out my video for more info.

Who will audit my website?
Currently, Tarryn does all of the website audits. She uses UX hueristics and other industry standards in design and usability to highlight areas of your site that can be improved.

How long will the audit take?
I cap my audits at an hour, but they usually follow the format of 30-45 minutes with 15 minutes of questions.

Why haven't I heard of website audits before?
These are the first UX based audits on the market to be offered as "à la carte" service. If you google "website audit", you'll see most audits are centered around SEO. These audits are different. They focus on retaining users once they get to your page. There's no point in adding additional budget to your marketing efforts if people aren't converting on your website. This service is for business looking to scale and expand, or for those looking to outshine their competition.

What if I already have a designer on my team?
If you have a designer, their expertise might be in UI or visual design. These audits use 10+ years of psychology knowledge that digs deeper into human motivation. They incorporate behaviorial design and so much more. You might find that your in-house designer would benefit from being on the call, so they can implement the feedback effectively. We also record all of our sessions, so you can stay focused during the call and give them the recording instead.

What if I need more info?
Please don't hesitate to email your questions! Send us your thoughts at designertarryn at

Free Business Success Quiz

Where is your business missing the mark? See which UX heuristic you are breaking on your site. Take our free quiz to find out which faux pas you are making when it comes to interacting with your customers.

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“When I first showed Tarryn the site, it all looked fine to me. I didn’t realize I had a UX problem, but she very quickly pointed out where there were problems for users and how I could quite easily fix those issues.
– Shanti Rubens

“She’s exceptional at looking at the smallest details to the largest big idea, in terms of how you are presenting yourself as a business, which utimately leads to making more money and making a bigger impact.”
– Alexis Krcelic

Other Services

If you need more than a website review, check out the other services I provide. I offer anything that affects that user experience of your business. That includes spans from conducting research to understand users to branding to full website design.

How does it work?

Website Audits

Keep customers on the the site you’ve gotten them to. We’ll give your clients quick wins to update on their website. You can add this new service to your agency and your clients will be delighted that you are helping them decrease their drop off rate. Two words. Win, win.

UX Research

Take things a little deeper, by incorporating user research for your clients. Maybe you’ve gotten customers to stay on the landing page and buy the product, but maybe they aren’t so happy that they tell their friends. Let’s change that. Word of mouth marketing is another skill you can sell to your clients.


As a marketer, you know how important it is to send customers to a consistent brand. We’ll help your client clarify their brand and keep it up to date. You’ve never had such an easy win for increasing your client’s revenue, because their branding never looked so good.