Do you run a marketing agency and you’re ready to take it to the next level?

Are you able to bring customers in for your clients, but have a hard time keeping them on your client’s site? Does all your work go to waste, because the products you are trying to sell don’t work as well as you know they could? 

It’s not your fault! You need an expert in User Experience Research and Design. It’s easy and cost effective to retain customers that you attract to your client’s landing page. You’ll be ahead of the competition because you can tell your clients, “yes, we not only get people to your site, but we help keep them there!”

Good Marketing Funnels + User Retention = Successful Business

You have the marketing down, let us take care of the retention.

How does it work?

Website Audits

Keep customers on the the site you’ve gotten them to. We’ll give your clients quick wins to update on their website. You can add this new service to your agency and your clients will be delighted that you are helping them decrease their drop off rate. Two words. Win, win.

UX Research

Take things a little deeper, by incorporating user research for your clients. Maybe you’ve gotten customers to stay on the landing page and buy the product, but maybe they aren’t so happy that they tell their friends. Let’s change that. Word of mouth marketing is another skill you can sell to your clients.


As a marketer, you know how important it is to send customers to a consistent brand. We’ll help your client clarify their brand and keep it up to date. You’ve never had such an easy win for increasing your client’s revenue, because their branding never looked so good.

“When I first showed Tarryn the site, it all looked fine to me. I didn’t realize I had a UX problem, but she very quickly pointed out where there were problems for users and how I could quite easily fix those issues.
– Shanti Rubens

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