Hi, I’m Tarryn

I help business executives turn ideas into reality. I build high-performing teams. I break down organizations silos. I use research to prioritize sustainable business decisions. I led innovation teams that create products that people love.

“She was key in helping us break ground in establishing Design as a practice within a developer centric engineering team. She is extremely curious about all the things, especially the things that relate to the project she’s working on, so she doesn’t miss threads when working horizontally or vertically. It’s a design trait that commonly gets overlooked.”

– Eddy Mays, Principal Design Manager at Microsoft

But why?

I ask this question often in business and I ask it to myself to.
Why do I choose to do this?

If you had to boil it down to one word, it would be empowerment. I want your team to feel empowered to create amazing products. I want your users to feel empowered when using your products. I want you to feel empowered to go after what you want to achieve in your organization.

Plus, I want to be able to have fun. I work with businesses that understand there is more than one bottom line. They invest in their people to create long term, competitive success.

The goal is a balance between enjoying the journey of business and making a sustainable product that people love.

My leadership philosophy

My leadership focuses on creating a psychologically safe work spaces to create a sense of belonging for the team. I want people to stay, so that we can do great work together.

I like to focus on innovation and high quality results. These things come from investing in your team and adapting to the feedback and the environment.

I lead with transparency. I value clear priorities. I encourage fun to help our minds with creative problem solving. 


“[She] came up with a whole lot of elegant solutions that made the whole site a lot more seemless experience for the user. On top of that, she is great to work with because she’s got a really uplifting spirit. She’s very positive. She’s fun. She’s collaborative. She’s encouraging.”

– Shanti Rubens

My Process

I take a two phase approach in my projects. First, I develop a research strategy to help business leaders understand their customers’ needs. I highlight insights that equips leaders to make smart decisions on where to increase time and money to reach their goals.

Second, I work with business leaders on an implementation plan and execution.  As an internal manager, I guide my team to accomplish the outcomes we’ve want. As a consultant, you have the option of working with me, or find the best fit with one of my partners.

I always want to empower leaders with the pros and cons of each choice. I want to help them trust themselves as they grow their business. I see myself as a partner and co-collaborator on all projects.

My background is in User Experience Design. In the past, I’ve worked at an award winning agency. I taught UX Design full-time at an intensive adult bootcamp. I worked in house as UX Director in the start up world.


I am human

Delivering professional services and having fun complement each other. My child-like curiosity has led me to find great treasures. My playfulness helps during brainstorming sessions. I’m a direct communicator and a caring facilitator for groups. I break down silos between teams.

I started my business by working remotely and traveling around the world. This makes me a better problem solver, because I have more pieces added to my kaleidoscope. I see more patterns.

I’m always striving for balance in my life. I get to practice this principle through hobbies like meditation and yoga. I am also practicing patience through my journey to hold a handstand.

I lead with my heart. Feeling my emotions and body sensations is a great strength that I’m getting better at every day. I make intuitive decisions that are ahead of the trends.

I’m interested in regenerative agriculture. I like finding ways to work smarter and more efficiently through systems in my garden and at work. Sustainable processes bring me joy.

I’m a forward thinker. I want to try new things. I see failure as a necessary to innovation, but well worth it.


 “…She is continually focused on achieving positive results and contributed to our team’s success by seeking out and leveraging individual strengths. She maintained great relationships with everyone and made folks feel like they were a critical part of a team regardless of working style. “

– Eddy Mays, Microsoft

Interested in working together? Email me at hi@tarrynlambertconsulting.com